From Campus To Cubicle prepares, interns, recent graduates and young professionals for their first work experience and beyond.  

A quick read, with a good dose of humor, this practical guide provides 25 useful tips for a successful career launch.

From Campus To Cubicle is rated 5 Stars on Amazon and has been lauded by human resource executives, learning and development leaders, career counselors and diversity and inclusion professionals. 


“A wonderful gift for new graduates. This book provides excellent guidance for young adults transitioning into the workplace.” 

Helpful tips and refreshers - a must read!  I loved this very practical book. A fun, quick read. Even someone who has had many years of work experience can gain some good refreshers. Especially the tip to leave the glass of wine out of the photos (LOL).”

From Campus to Cubicle (FC2C) is an excellent professional handbook that I highly recommend for those just starting out.  Leilani offers up practical yet insightful wisdom. ...really like tip #20 ‘Don't Be A Jerk’.”

“FC2C is an easy read and would make a great corporate gift for summer interns and new hires. Seasoned professionals - like me- can also benefit from the gentle reminders of what we already know.”